About Us

  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    Micca Toys, Wears ‘n’ us is a family recreation and kids’ education organization that’s all about you.

    Micca is an edutainment focused company that retails educative toys, products and clothing for mothers and their babies, pregnant women and teens.We offer edutainment related services and we make all services accessible to our customers; we envision to drive measurable and sustainable impact in rural and urban educational and recreational institutions.

  • assortment of educative toys and recreational products .

    We offer an assortment of educative toys and recreational products which are latest virtual reality products, augmented reality, IT and Robotics.

    We also offer Physical Toys, Medicine and Health toys, Arts and Music, Geography Toys, wearable technology, protective apparel for pregnant women, mothers and children; our unique baby outfits and African- fashion summer wears.

  • Toys have the ability to teach kids how to be effective problem solvers..

    We create fun, interactive and recreational space where children can come in play, learn, engage with others and shop.

    For revitalised fun, we have a demo/playroom with demonstration toys and educational virtual reality game sets that can stimulate children and teens intellect and engage their minds as they get hands-on experience.

    Our educational toys help children and teens to be problem solvers, develop cognitive, motor and analytical skills, nurture their imagination and creativity -and in the process, they begin to discover their independence and build their self-esteem. We are well-rounded in our approach and our solution comes with value-added services and personalized services including career school, extra-curricular club, after school activities and camps and academic development programs.

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