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  • Corporate Services

    EMMA HER program is a brainchild of MICCA TWNU Nigeria Ltd. We are a multidisciplinary designed to support all round quality educational development of children at nursery up until secondary levels. We have built a package that will ensure that learners, educators and parents have access to right learning materials and tools, global learning networks, virtual learning platforms, technology equipment and support. Our passionate team creatively use appropriate educational materials and interactive technology built on MICCA TWNU NG edutainment curricular and the enriched STEAM approach to ensure.

    What makes us different?
    Our core approaches are built on the following:
    • Learner-led Program Designs: We believe that every child has their unique way of learning. Therefore, we have designed personalized learning experiences for each child to aid their learning.
    • Grassroot Implementation: Our services are designed to serve the needs of the African child. We have created learning packages that are relevant to the curriculum and syllabus.
    • Rigorous Monitoring and Feedback: We liaise with our stakeholders to contextualize software and hardware enhancements. Our packages are designed in a manner flexible enough to accommodate feedback from stakeholders such as learners, educators and parents. 

  • Why choose us?

    EMMA HER leverages on the latest technology to improve learning outcomes. We have sorted out the best digital and instructional tools for learning for you so you do not have to worry about finding the right resources for learning at AFFORDABLE COSTS.

    Some of our resources include
    Electronic materials: 
    • PowerPoint slideshows, Augmented reality/Virtual reality goggles, AV-room equipment
    • Auditory eg radios, tape recorders, CD players
    • Visual eg Slides, projectors and digital screens
    • Audiovisuals eg YouTube contents, Tedtalks, Live Streams, documentaries


    Instructional materials:
    • Open resources: expert blogs, open source journals, databases.
    • Testing resources: standardized tests, classroom assignments, online submissions, quizzers, essays and collaborative projects.

  • EMMA for Learners

    How it works

    Subscribe at an affordable price 

    • Online learning resources such as instructional videos, homework tips, encyclopedia, learning games and printable activities. Your child also has access to our book reading club and other edutainment services from MICCA
    • Extracurricular activity: included in the learners package is an opportunity to sign up for one of ICT/Coding, STEM Or Arts and Craft
    • School work support: Children who experience challenges with their class subjects now have access to well trained teachers who will help them with their educational development
    • Catch up/Exam prep: Learners can also enjoy one-on-one tutorials and exam preparation lessons for their upcoming exams with MICCA’s quality teachers.


    Who can purchase?

    Children between the ages of 4 and 16 in nursery, primary and secondary schools

    Contact us on 08094298464 OR Send an Email to info@miccakids.com

    EMMA HER for Schools

    EMMA HER runs a complete subscription for schools and other children organizations. No two schools have the same challenges and needs. Therefore, we have customizable packages for your schools depending on your needs.

    How it works

    The subscription is a monthly subscription that allows each child access to the EMMA HER program and MICCA edutainment resources. 


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